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Trails "Le chemin de Caux - La Mazière"

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  • Trails "Le chemin de Caux - La Mazière"
  • Markup’s
    Yellow: way of 8,5 km
    2 way’s possibles .

    • The first signboard, located on the VC panel 2, after the place called Bellevue, coming from Saint-Priest-Taurion.
    • The second signboard located on the D 56 between La Chassagne and Chabaud, on the border of three municipalities (Saint-Priest-Taurion Royer and Châtenet en Dognon).

    The way of Caux-La Mazière, marked by schoolchildren from Royères and Saint-Priest-Taurion, as part of the operation "one way - two schools"

    In 50 years, children rallied in the trail, the northern town of Royères, at school in the village of Chassagne, commune of Saint-Priest-Taurion.
    You will discover at that place the two vilages from same altitude, the magnifique views of the Limousin countrys, the serenity of its lakes, the charm of old villages, wildlife and flora of woods and meadows.

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